About Us

“Be honest, fair, reliable and treat people right.”- Fred Shaw, Founder

Fred Shaw had a vision. He imagined building better lives, building relationships, and building a better community. In 1974, on the foundation of Integrity and Pride, Fred Shaw built Shaw-Lundquist Associates Inc., a family owned business that would stand the test of time.


He knew that we didn’t have to be the biggest General Contractor, but we had to be the best to serve our clients and do the right thing.

At Shaw-Lundquist we are passionate about building better lives. We believe in client focused solutions to tackle even the toughest complex construction projects. We have grown over the years with a reputation as a builder of integrity.


Shaw-Lundquist is one of the top 20 General Contractors in the Metro area and one of the largest Asian American-owned Contractors in the nation.