How We Build

Delivery Methods

Shaw-Lundquist offers you choices in delivery methods. We can be a general contractor, design-builder, or construction manager depending on your needs and situation.


After we learn about your project and goals, we can suggest the delivery method best suited for your purposes. Whatever method of delivery you choose, we will complete your project on time and on budget.


Negotiated General Contracting

  • We work with you and your architect early in the design process to develop a product that meets or exceeds your program and budget expectations.
  • We can offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).
  • We can “fast-track” the project by beginning construction in parallel with the completion of the design.



  • We contract with an appropriate architectural firm to design and develop your project.
  • We can offer you a lump-sum price or GMP
  • We offer the convenience of one point of contact that is responsible for both design and construction.
  • You reap the benefits of maximizing our valued engineering expertise.


Construction Management Agency

  • We act as your trusted advisor/manager in the construction of your facility
  • You hold all trade contracts.
  • We coordinate all aspects of design, budgeting, scheduling, and management of contractors during construction.


Construction Management at Risk

  • We act as your manager and coordinate all aspects of design, budgeting, scheduling.
  • We manage all contractors during construction.
  • We hold all trade contracts and will be responsible for the performance of the work.


Lump Sum Bid General Contracting

  • You contract with an architect to design the project and produce a complete set of construction documents.
  • Based on these documents, we solicit subcontractor prices and bid competitively for the work.
  • Once awarded the contract, we construct the project with our workforce and qualified subcontractors.