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Mixed-Use Construction

Why Plan For Safety?

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Safety is one thing that’s just not worth goofing around with, especially on a construction site. Not only does a construction company’s reputation depend on it, their workers’ lives too! That’s why safety is so important to us at Shaw-Lundquist. We never compromise safety for convenience.

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Financially Savvy Commercial Construction

Nobody breaks ground on a building project expecting it to be a money pit, but if you’re not careful, the hole you dig can become just that. Financial security can make or break a business - it’s something we know first-hand at Shaw-Lundquist. In our 42 years of business we have never taken out a traditional bank loan. That’s a feat not many successful companies can boast! As a second generation, family-owned general contracting company, we are committed to the growth small business, and want to provide you with a few fundamental tips to building revenue for your business.

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The Benefits of Mixed-Use Construction

Mixed-use construction has taken off in the past decades, rejuvenating abandoned downtown areas across the United States. Mixed-use construction is thriving because it works. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits from using this strategy in construction management compared to adhering to traditional zoning restrictions.

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Shaw-Lundquist to Work on Innovative Project in Twin Cities

On December 9, 2015 and after overwhelming enthusiasm and support from a rigorous application and vetting process, the Metropolitan Council approved funding for PLACE’s St. Louis Park Community. The Council approved 2 million dollars in funding from its Livable Communities Account for a Transit-Oriented Development (LCA-TOD) grant after the proposed project demonstrated a breakthrough approach to meeting housing and economic development needs in the Twin Cities.

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