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New Construction

St. Paul Constructing New $10M Recreation Center in Frogtown

The city of St. Paul is building a new recreation center, along with outdoor amenities, for $10 million, to replace the aging Scheffer Recreation Center along Thomas and Como Avenues.

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Progress Report: Mercado Central

Since 1997, Mercado Central has been a collaborative hub for more than 35 Latino-owned businesses.

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Why Plan For Safety?

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Safety is one thing that’s just not worth goofing around with, especially on a construction site. Not only does a construction company’s reputation depend on it, their workers’ lives too! That’s why safety is so important to us at Shaw-Lundquist. We never compromise safety for convenience.

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Why Go Green?

Trends come and go in construction just like any other industry. Lately, it’s been green building projects - and no, not the color green. As eco-friendliness is on the rise, so is the desire to build sustainably. If a client approaches your company for a green build, are you ready?

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Our Values in Our Work

When someone works with your company, they might get a clear impression of its values or they might not. At Shaw-Lundquist, we know that our values have to be a part of our culture, because they are that important. Our clients, workers, subcontractors, and anybody who works with us should come away with a clear idea of who we are.

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Get and Keep Top Talent

It can be a challenge to find the right person for the job, let alone trying to keep them around! Getting high-performers in the right role is crucial to your company’s success. While some companies don’t recruit the right talent, construction is also a cyclical business, causing workers to seek other employment during slow seasons. Never fear, by employing a few HR practices you’ll employ quality workers for the long haul!

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Financially Savvy Commercial Construction

Nobody breaks ground on a building project expecting it to be a money pit, but if you’re not careful, the hole you dig can become just that. Financial security can make or break a business - it’s something we know first-hand at Shaw-Lundquist. In our 42 years of business we have never taken out a traditional bank loan. That’s a feat not many successful companies can boast! As a second generation, family-owned general contracting company, we are committed to the growth small business, and want to provide you with a few fundamental tips to building revenue for your business.

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Boosting Your Crew’s Productivity

In construction, if your crew isn’t productive your client’s money is being wasted. If your operation isn’t running efficiently, it doesn’t matter how hard everyone works, the job isn’t the best it could be. Reputation is everything in the construction industry, and it’s a good to be known as a company that has productive and efficient job sites. It helps for the superintendent to not only focus on hard workers, but also the smart ones. Similarly, having an intelligent, savvy project manager will boost project productivity.

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Las Vegas Construction on the Rise

When the Las Vegas construction industry came to a screeching halt in December 2007, Shaw-Lundquist experienced the economic crisis of the Great Recession first hand. As the recession swept the nation, Shaw-Lundquist’s Midwest Division, at the headquarters in Minnesota, was also effected.

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"Bliss Dance" Arrives at "The Park"

Bliss Dance made a grand entrance as she arrived to her new Las Vegas home at The Park, on March 1st. Inspired by Artist Marco Cochrane’s experience at Burning Man, an annual arts festival held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Bliss Dance celebrates the strength of a woman who is both safe and present.

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