Working outdoors during the winter months can be frigid, but the work has to be done. The fact that you are cold from being in freezing temperatures isn’t a reliable excuse to call out from work. So, what do you do when the cold weather is gnawing at your hands, slowing you down at work? You go to work prepared for the cold. The following are some measures you can take when you have to work on a cold job site.

Use a Drum Heater

Drum heaters are great for added heat when it’s cold outdoors. Depending on the type of heater you purchase, the blower’s heat can extend beyond a few feet. Some small drum heaters can heat 500 square feet, allowing you to cover a lot of space with fewer drums. These heaters are portable and safe for the outdoors, so your construction crew can get the job done quickly.

Wear Clothing to Protect You from the Cold

These days, there is a technological solution for practically anything, and working in the cold isn’t an exception. There are clothes you can purchase that will help you retain the heat your body produces or help you generate heat. For instance, you can purchase a heated jacket to ensure that you remain warm while you work outside.

Layer Your Clothing

One tried and true method of remaining warm outdoors is layering your clothing. From head to toe, you can put on multiple layers to help you retain the heat your body produces. You can use a toboggan along with your hat or multiple pairs of socks, just make sure you can work freely in multiple layers.

Use Creams to Protect Your Skin

Lotions, facial creams, and moisturizers are great for your skin. However, they also help you retain your heat. Before going to work, you can slather on a heavy amount of either one of these creams to help your body retain the heat it produces while you work. Additionally, with these products, you can prevent your skin from chapping, which could cause sores and prevent you from doing a great job while you work.

When the winter months bring cold weather, you can’t simply avoid work. To keep the cold from nipping at you throughout the day, there are a few measures you can take to ensure that you and your crew remain warms.