Across the United States, successful businesses are becoming increasingly more diverse places to work. Having employees with differing backgrounds and viewpoints is beneficial, especially in the B2B market where odds are your clients and potential clients employ people from all walks of life. Interestingly, having a diverse workforce goes beyond just inclusion. There are many real benefits to having an inclusion based hiring policy.

Capture More of the Market with a Diverse Workforce

When you have a diverse workforce, you can be more effective in marketing your services to the growing number of clients with different racial and ethnic backgrounds, women and those in the LGBTQ community. Having a diverse workforce is especially important in many government contracts that offer preference for minority-owned businesses and workforces.

As a business owner, you can leverage your employees’ knowledge of their unique populations to win projects. By employing a diverse workforce, you can tap into the needs of the diverse communities your business serves, which will lead to offering the best solutions to their construction needs.

Enhance Creativity and Innovation

Diversity brings a richer set of skills and competencies, which will increase your business capacity to grow and meet the ever-changing needs of the future. Women, minorities and other diverse employees bring their differing backgrounds and perspectives to solve business challenges. Based on their unique experiences, their approach may help teammates see the challenges in a new light. Creativity is a product of diverse workforces, and it helps your business enhance its capabilities, and drives success.

Reduce Turnover by Having a Diverse Workforce

Workforce diversity is beneficial in reducing turnover by attracting talent, and retaining talented employees. Quality job seekers are more attracted to a company with a reputation for innovation, creativity and success. These factors for business success have a proven link to workforce diversity.  Employees also want to work for a company that respects their views, and their life experience regardless of their gender, religion, race or other factors.

When an employee is treated with dignity, productivity and morale are increased. Each person who works for your company has a desire to be productive at their job, and to have a work environment that is positive and team oriented.

At Shaw-Lundquist, we value diversity both in our company, and in our industry. As a minority owned-business, our team reflects the world in which we live. When you are ready to start your next project, look to Shaw-Lundquist to provide you with a well-rounded solution to your business needs.