When the Las Vegas construction industry came to a screeching halt in December 2007, Shaw-Lundquist experienced the economic crisis of the Great Recession first hand. As the recession swept the nation, Shaw-Lundquist’s Midwest Division, at the headquarters in Minnesota, was also effected.

Strategic planning, effective crisis management, and maintaining core company values has allowed Shaw-Lundquist to not only survive the recession, but emerge from it with projected growth and expansion.

Today, the future for construction work in Las Vegas looks as bright as the newly erected Bliss Dance sculpture. It is safe to say the industry is recovering from the recession as new job opportunities for Shaw-Lundquist are presenting themselves. Many pre-recession projects that were put on hold due lack of funding are starting up again.

Chris Rowe, Managing Director of Construction Operations of Shaw-Lundquist’s West Division, comments on his professional experience with the Las Vegas construction industry and its predicated turn-around in an article featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal.