Shaw-Lundquist is a comprehensive construction company that brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project. By offering a range of different services, our experienced team can tailor a solution that is designed to deliver a finished product that matches your vision. The following are just four of the options that are available to our clients.

1. General contractor

Through our 41+ years of experience, Shaw-Lundquist has built a reputation as a competent and reliable general contractor that gets the job done -- on time and within budget. Whether your project needs someone to assist with the design-build -- or you need a general contractor to lead the entire process -- Shaw-Lundquist has the expertise and the network to plan, develop and oversee the work so that exceeds your expectations.

2. Workforce diversity

In the today’s diverse world, it's important to choose a construction company that supports inclusion and workforce diversity. As a Minority-Owned family business committed to inclusion, Shaw-Lundquist has experience working with Section 3 suppliers and subcontractors, as well as WBE’s and MBE’s. Shaw-Lundquist actively works toward including those businesses within the scope of their projects through the work of our Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator and by being involved in various organizations such as the AWC, NMSDC and NAMC. If you have goals that involve women-owned or minority-owned business or labor hours, Shaw-Lundquist will work to not only meet, but exceed these goals.

3. Sustainability

In the current market, more projects are focused on sustainability then ever before, and Shaw-Lundquist is a leader in sustainable building. Since 2004, we have been focused on using green techniques and materials to provide clients with buildings that meet or exceed the standards recommended by the United States Green Building Council. The agency's guidelines in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) are the industry standards which Shaw-Lundquist upholds. Our team of LEED Certified professionals provides us with first hand experience in completing sustainable projects effectively and efficiently while meeting all the requirements of sustainability.

4. Construction Management

Shaw-Lundquist is effective at managing construction projects of all sizes and at all stages of development. Whether you need an experienced company to head your project from the start or you need one to get your project back on track, Shaw-Lundquist has a proven formula that involves accountability and your satisfaction. We can coordinate all aspects of the project -- from start to finish -- effectively managing all of the contractors that are working on the job. Shaw-Lundquist can also advise you on the best delivery method for your particular project.

Shaw-Lundquist is a highly-respected and experienced construction company that provides a range of services. To learn more about what we can offer you, contact us today.