Mixed-use construction has taken off in the past decades, rejuvenating abandoned downtown areas across the United States. Mixed-use construction is thriving because it works. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits from using this strategy in construction management compared to adhering to traditional zoning restrictions.

Easy Commutes

The integration of residential homes, retail shops and commercial businesses saves people money. Instead of driving miles to and from work, residents can easily leave their homes and walk to their job or business that is conveniently located around the corner or even below their home. An easy commute helps businesses thrive because employee satisfaction and attendance is increased.

Optimal Use of Buildings

When America became industrialized following WWII, zoning became a common practice. Most local governments sought to isolate businesses and commercial enterprises outside of residential neighborhoods. At the time, the practice was beneficial because it kept people safe from pollutants and other dangers associated with a being near large manufacturing plants. However, with more environmental regulations on businesses, there are fewer dangers associated with living close to these facilities. In fact, over the years, zoning has improved to find more efficient uses of available land. By using mixed-use construction, developers can optimize their use of land while developing new construction.

A True Sense of Community

Another benefit of mixed-use construction is a strong sense of community. With both businesses and residential properties residing in the same space, it’s natural to for relationships and bonds to develop. The sense of community sparks a mutual dependence that fosters business and increases the chances that residents will remain in the local area; it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Enhances Neighborhood Sustainability

The ability to meet the need of the present, while not compromising the future is a tenant of sustainability, and a component of mixed-use construction developments. With a focus on meeting the needs of communities today and an ever-present eye towards the future, mixed-use construction developments are sustainable, and adaptable. Additionally, the integration of residential properties and businesses provide a stable customer base that will help local economies thrive.


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