The Bureau of Labor and Statistics define a general contractor as a construction manager. As such, they “plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from start to finish.” They manage the details associated with the project, which is why they are your best bet when you are concerned about limiting risks and liabilities.

They Hire the Right Subcontractors for the Job

One of the main functions of your general contractor’s job is hiring subcontractors to carry out the work. This is a fundamental step in reducing the risks associated with your project. By soliciting and hiring the best subcontractors, your general contractor reduces exposure to risk. Ultimately, by enlisting the aid of a general contractor, you can safely assume that only qualified contractors are working on your construction development.

General Contractors Outsource to Experts When Necessary

Outsourcing is an important business function; it’s not simply a way of saving money. When general contractors outsource work, they’ve found an expert who can perform project work efficiently and within the project budget. Additionally, outsourcing project work helps your general contractor maintain dates associated with deliverables. The result is you get a project completed within the scope, budget, and timeframe that you originally committed to.

They Use Contracts and Bonds to Mitigate Risks

General contractors have a lot of tools in their arsenal to help them protect your project. Contracts and bonds are two of the most common ways construction managers protect your deliverables. With a contract, your general contractor can ensure that vendors and suppliers meet predetermined deadlines and quality standards. If they don’t, then your contractor can take steps to remedy the problem.


By requiring vendors and contractors to purchase bonds, your general contractor ensures that contractors are capable of delivering the work they’ve won. For instance, many general contractors require vendors and suppliers to purchase performance bonds that will compensate the organization if a vendor fails to perform the work outlined in the contract.

At Shaw-Lundquist, we are a second-generation, minority-owned construction company with 42 years of experience managing construction projects. As a general contractor, we work hard to minimize risks and liabilities associated with construction projects. Our industry knowledge help us recognize risk triggers, which allows them to respond with the appropriate risk mitigation plan before the project is subject to delays. If you are having trouble with your construction project, our experienced general contractor team can help you realign your project. Give us a call to get a better idea of how we can manage your construction project today.