The American economy is determined by the success of the people, and minorities are a major part of the overall success of the nation. Throughout the history of the United States, in spite of obstacles, minority groups have proven their inherent strengths and value in building our strong economy. The construction industry is a good reflection of these contributions.


Building a Country: Minorities Influence on Today's Infrastructure

The basic infrastructure of the premier first-world country was built through the atrocity of slave labor. As the country modernized, much of the new infrastructure was built by descendants of the same people, as well as other minority groups. With more access to education and progressive policies, today minority communities continue building the country through investment negotiations, drafting architectural designs, and building the structures which are integral to today's society and the economic structure behind America's success as a global power.


Minorities in the Construction Trade

Minorities contribute to construction industry from trades and crafts work positions in design, engineering, management, development, and planning. Although there is still work to do in building true equity in the trades, opportunities continue to emerge for minorities to grow their careers in the industry. As a minority-owned construction company, Shaw-Lundquist is dedicated to providing opportunities to include minorities and women business owners and laborers on our projects. We believe that communities are built on providing economic opportunities for people to grow and thrive.


Business Opportunities Provided through Inclusion and Diversity

Today, minorities are taking on the various responsibilities of large building projects where they didn’t have those opportunities in the past. The timing couldn’t be better in Minnesota, as the aging baby boomer population retires; there is a shortage of workers to fill the gap. Tie that in with the high unemployment rate of minorities, and you have a large pool of untapped labor in a tightening job market.


Minorities continue to strengthen the construction industry. By working with companies like Shaw-Lundquist, and being mindful in your inclusion goals, you can create a positive impact on our community. The inclusion of minorities and women in the construction industry strengthens the economy and builds momentum to improve our society.