It can be a challenge to find the right person for the job, let alone trying to keep them around! Getting high-performers in the right role is crucial to your company’s success. While some companies don’t recruit the right talent, construction is also a cyclical business, causing workers to seek other employment during slow seasons. Never fear, by employing a few HR practices you’ll employ quality workers for the long haul!


Be Attractive, Offer Incentives

There’s an old saying, if you build it they will come. To keep the talent you want, you have to be the construction management company of their dreams. A recent survey of industry HR departments by Craft Labor Recruiting and Retention found that you have to be the easy choice to make. Bottom line, if you don’t offer incentives that make you more enticing than your competition, that’s where the best equipment operators, welders, and carpenters will go.


Excellent Bennies Stand Out

The same CLRR survey showed employers know the value of skilled labor. So, once you’ve got the go-getters, complacency won’t cut it, you’ve got to work to keep them. Holding on to good workers requires you to meet their needs. No more matching your competitors, you have to offer benefits that fit your employees’ in terms of both financial need and workplace culture expectations. The happier the employee is working for you and all that entails, the more likely they are to stay. It really is that simple!


Cultivate Your Culture

Think about it: a majority of their waking hours are spent on your job site, so if your workers are unhappy they have no reason to stick around. If the culture of your company aligns with your mission, that will motivate your employees not only to stay but to play their part well. So how do you create a culture that shows your talent that you value them? One way is to offer employees professional development programs where they can grow in their skills. Reward and recognize good work with appreciation that matters to your employees.


Learn From An Expert

Years of industry experience and success have led us to national growth. When struggling to find good talent, your best bet is to turn to contracting with experts. And at Shaw-Lundquist, we contract with the best so that our projects are focused on quality.