When someone works with your company, they might get a clear impression of its values or they might not. At Shaw-Lundquist, we know that our values have to be a part of our culture, because they are that important. Our clients, workers, subcontractors, and anybody who works with us should come away with a clear idea of who we are.


It really comes down to integrity, which is an important value that sets us apart. Your

reputation will precede you but you have some control over it. For instance, at Shaw-Lundquist, we have a high value for professionalism. At the end of the day, we are a business and our partnerships are important to us. If we didn’t show respect to our partners, from clients to laborers, we wouldn’t be truly a success– it’s also seen in the way we champion diversity in our organization.


As a second-generation company, we have know-how in our field. Whether as

design-builder, general contractor, or construction manager, our clients are sure to see the value of the ingenuity we bring to the table. Our expertise is their benefit. When we take on a project, we strive to do our best because we want to be the best. That determination drives us to be able to bear the responsibility of whatever role we have in a project and do it well. This mindset comes to light in the way we proactively listen, take action, and execute with excellence for our clients. Because of our versatility and these values, we can act in several



Project Delivery Methods

Design-Build. Working on a design-build basis, we partner with an architect to contract with on the design and development of the project, all under a lump sum price.


General Contractor. As a general contractor, we can work with the design team and we can even speed up the process by beginning construction in tandem with finishing up the design. In

this role, we offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project.


Construction Management. When a project is brought on as construction management, we can hold one of two roles. As Construction Manager, we coordinate every aspect, from managing contractors, design, budgets, and scheduling – while our client holds the contracts. For clients that want to put the project completely in the hands of the experts, we can work as

Construction Management At Risk. In this situation, clients can entrust the project to us because of our experience.


No matter the role we’re taking in a project, we engage fresh thinking as well as tried and true methods. We treat everyone with the same level of respect, and put our all into our work. Our experience helps us spot potential hangups before they happen. In these ways and more, we strive to make our values and culture clear in all our jobs. If you’re looking for an experienced general contractor or construction manager with integrity, contact us at Shaw-Lundquist today!