Trends come and go in construction just like any other industry. Lately, it’s been green building projects - and no, not the color green. As eco-friendliness is on the rise, so is the desire to build sustainably. If a client approaches your company for a green build, are you ready?


The real question is, what are the benefits of going green on a project?


Being Eco-Friendly

Sure, you care about this green and blue sphere we call home, but that’s not enough when sustainability is a high priority to a client. You’re more and more likely to encounter clients who want their project to have a reduced carbon footprint. Not only that but in the long run, an environmentally-friendly build can result in reduced costs for your client, too. We’re not just saying that, it’s something we do at Shaw-Lundquist! Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) practices can improve operational efficiency.


Bring in Eco-Business

Many people believe LEED and other methods are effective for saving energy. It’s a big reason why some clients want green construction — to save some greens! You’ve probably noticed an increase from a variety of clients, government to commercial, seeking environmentally- conscious construction. As your company becomes an expert, the increase in demand translates to more business, which means more profit. Even if you’re not familiar with green construction projects, you can leverage our expertise through our construction management skills as your general contractor.


Show Your Responsibility

These days, businesses are held to a higher standard with expectations of being socially responsible. Becoming a green builder or at least utilizing eco-friendly practices in your builds can be a way to grow your business while showing your merit. Not only does it show social responsibility in terms of the environment, but also finances! Show stakeholders, your community, and your industry that you value the environment through sustainable projects. With our expertise, you can have Shaw-Lundquist act as the general contractor for your green projects.


Truth be told, green building isn’t just a trend, it’s becoming a part of our industry. You’re likely to see more construction companies using LEED strategies. Maybe you’re not ready to take on this kind of building but have a client who is, we would be happy to help as your general contractor! Contact us at Shaw-Lundquist today to set up a consultation for your sustainable project.