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Contractor Services Beyond the Building Project

General Contractors provide more service than the client may see onsite. There are the obvious simplicities of ordering materials, buying tools and equipment, conducting regular maintenance on equipment, hiring labor, and interviewing sub-contractors. Then there are more complicated tasks involved with moving the job forward efficiently, according to schedule, and within budget. Understanding the unseen aspects of a construction project is beneficial to the owner and members of the project team.

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Socially Responsible Building Practices

In today’s age, socially responsible building practices are not an option but a requirement among contractors who hope to achieve success. In some cases laws dictate environmentally friendly building materials and methods along with fair hiring practices, in other cases the conscience of the builder requires going above and beyond the legal requirements in order to do the right thing. Contractors offer more than simple building contracts but also contribute to the community with jobs and beautiful structures which draw interest from tourists and people from other communities who may have an interest in the local landscape.

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Las Vegas Construction on the Rise

When the Las Vegas construction industry came to a screeching halt in December 2007, Shaw-Lundquist experienced the economic crisis of the Great Recession first hand. As the recession swept the nation, Shaw-Lundquist’s Midwest Division, at the headquarters in Minnesota, was also effected.

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