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Reduce Risks and Liabilities by Hiring a General Contractor

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics define a general contractor as a construction manager. As such, they “plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from start to finish.” They manage the details associated with the project, which is why they are your best bet when you are concerned about limiting risks and liabilities.

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Construction Workforce Diversity: Why it Works

As of May 2016, the unemployment rate within the construction industry is 5.2%. On the surface, such a low number may seem like an accomplishment. Unfortunately, if you consider the labor-force participation rate in conjunction with the low unemployment rate, you will quickly realize that many people are simply not participating in the job market. As a result of the low participation rate, many construction sites aren’t realizing the benefits of a diverse workforce. Diverse businesses offer many benefits, including the following:

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Minority Firm's Largest Project in 42 Years as High School Doubles in Size

Totaling just over $73 million, the Shakopee High School Addition and Renovation project is the largest project award in Shaw-Lundquist’s history!

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The Benefits of Mixed-Use Construction

Mixed-use construction has taken off in the past decades, rejuvenating abandoned downtown areas across the United States. Mixed-use construction is thriving because it works. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits from using this strategy in construction management compared to adhering to traditional zoning restrictions.

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