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How We Build

In addition to the traditional Design-Bid-Build approach, there are several other primary project delivery methods that focus on value creation through collaboration. The goal is always to maximize the value to the client for each dollar invested, eliminate client risk, and meet all cost and timing targets established early in the process.

Construction Management at-Risk

  • Construction Management at-Risk (CMAR) is a frequently used delivery method when a client seeks the benefits of shared design and construction expertise early in the design process. Most often, the CMAR uses an open book approach for the subcontractor competitive bidding process. It is also common that a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is established prior to construction. The client holds separate contracts with the construction manager and the project architect.


  • Design-Build (DB) is another collaborative delivery method, often used when a client seeks to have one point of project accountability and a single contract with a design-builder. The design-builder brings both construction and architectural/engineering expertise to the project. The client generally retains control over the choice of architect.

Construction Management Agency

  • Construction Management Agency (CMA) is frequently used in the public sector when clients have specific competitive bidding requirements, but still desires the early collaboration and construction solutions offered by the CMA. The CMA acts as a managing consultant throughout the design and construction process. All work is competitively bid to qualified subcontractors with the client holding all contracts.

Integrated Project Delivery

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the newest method in the group. Similar to Construction Management at-Risk because of its emphasis on early collaboration, it takes it one step further by mutually binding the owner, architect and builder into a shared agreement that also equally spreads project risks. All entities make specific commitments to each other based on a shared definition of project success.

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