Cub Foods St Paul

Cub Foods Saint Paul

Project Description

For the University Ave store, we provided a full service supermarket renovation and remodeling. All of our work was completed during the stores 24 hours a day business model. With up-front planning, we developed a phased plan with the storeowners to ensure there was no loss of sales to the store during the construction work. This renovation and remodel included new casework, freezer/cooler relocation, full ceiling painting, exterior painting, tile work, and coordination of new signage package installation. We also relocated and expanded the customer service counter, and remodeled an under utilized cart storage area into a welcoming employee lounge.

The Midway remodel focused on their customer service desk and the dairy, deli, and produce sections. Since this store was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all work was done off hours to mitigate any inconvenience to customers. The entire project was completed in 2 months.

“Shaw-Lundquist is the Best General Contractor I’ve ever worked with. They completely understood my business and presented themselves to my customers as a responsible member of my team. Their attention to safety and customer service was outstanding. I recommend them highly.”
– Mark Halverson, Manager, Cub Foods Midway St. Paul


  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Planmark, Inc.
  • 78,623 sf University & 25,000 sf Midway

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