Safety At Shaw-Lundquist

Safety at Shaw-Lundquist

Project safety is essential on every job site. Whether a new build or the renovation of an occupied structure, Shaw-Lundquist’s goal is ZERO Incidents. A “zero incidents” safety culture is more ambitious than the traditional “zero accidents” approach. We strive to proactive assess safety risks well in advance of construction, choosing the best possible means and methods of construction from the perspective of safety.  Our experienced field teams are encouraged to “use their imaginations” to consider all possible scenarios that could suggest unsafe methods or behaviors before they occur.

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Shaw-Lundquist's Safety Program Components

Pre-project safety planning
Site-specific safety plan
Continuous safety training
Consistent safety audits and reporting
OSHA partnership and consultation
Environmental management

“Safety is an integral component of our company culture. We strive to incorporate safety into the fabric of everything we do. From the President of the company to a 1st year apprentice, our goal is to send everyone home safe, every day.”

Ben Galen

Safety Director, Shaw-Lundquist
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