Sustainability At Shaw-Lundquist

Commitment to health and the environment.

Building Sustainably

Choose a partner who is committed to good stewardship of our resources and the health of our workers and the people who occupy the buildings we construct through sustainable construction practices. We have been working with the MN Sustainable Building Guidelines since 2004 and actively look for opportunities to “Build Green” and follow the design and construction processes recommended by the United States Green Building Council in their Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines for certification.

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Systematic Sustainable Construction

Our LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates are focused on determining the best systems and materials for our clients. Sharing data on systems and costs associated with the procurement and installation is weighed with the projected long-term benefits. Our team can assess your project’s potential for sustainable construction at the earliest stages of planning.

How We Build

Whether your project demands the highest LEED certification or just affordable operating costs, we can build the right kinds of sustainable systems, materials and features that fit the bill.

How We Build

Sustainability Project Gallery

Como Visitor Education Resources Center

Como Visitor Education Resources Center

Sustainable construction services
Las Vegas Hospitality Contractor

The Park - MGM

Sustainable construction services
Midwest Education Construction

ISU Gym & Beyer Hall

Sustainable construction services

"Here at Shaw-Lundquist, we understand how important it is to build sustainable and healthy buildings as well as healthy job sites. As our motto says, it really is about Building Better Lives for all involved. On every project we touch, sustainability best practices are forefront starting with planning through execution.”

Amy Santerre

Sustainability Lead, Shaw-Lundquist Associates
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