Cindy Trousdale

Chief Financial Officer



Chief Financial Officer

Area of Expertise:

Financial Management


35+ Years

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Cindy is a key leader and jack of all trades at Shaw-Lundquist. Along with managing the overall financial activities of the company, Cindy invests time and resources in our clients to ensure lasting partnerships and strategic building projects. From accounting and reporting, to tax and regulatory compliance, Cindy will get the job done. Equipped with business acumen from her decades of accounting and business experience, Cindy strives to streamline processes and improve risk management to deliver projects at a lower cost whenever possible. Cindy also manages human resources and other administrative tasks, maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement are a top priority at Shaw-Lundquist. With a curious mind and can-do attitude, Cindy’s financial management continues to develop partner relationships and grow Shaw-Lundquist.

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