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Construction Management at-Risk

The successful delivery of projects using a Construction Management at-Risk process requires a partnership between the owner, architect, and builder. In order to achieve that, we conduct a detailed project kick-off meeting to clearly communicate and acknowledge all project goals and expectations as well as a consensus on our methods of communication and reporting, customizing tools to meet everyone’s individual needs.

What is Construction Management at-Risk?

Construction Management at-Risk (CMAR) is a frequently used delivery method when a client seeks the benefits of shared design and construction expertise early in the design process. Most often, the CMAR uses an open book approach for the subcontractor competitive bidding process. It is also common that a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is established prior to construction. The client holds separate contracts with the construction manager and the project architect.

"Shaw-Lundquist is the Best General Contractor I’ve ever worked with. They completely understood my business and presented themselves to my customers as a responsible member of my team. Their attention to safety and customer service was outstanding. I recommend them highly."

Mark Halverson

Manager, Cub Foods Midway St. Paul

Construction Management at-Risk Projects

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Our Proven Approach



  • Identify Your Goals
  • Prioritize Project Objectives
  • Identify Project Team



  • Communicate & Collaborate
  • Optimize Design
  • Review Constructibility



  • Finalize Contract Documents
  • Provide Budget Updates
  • Identify Value-Add



  • Communicate Transparently
  • Ensure Safety
  • Maintain Schedule



  • Finalize Punchlist Items
  • Conduct Commissioning
  • Provide Final Documentation


Building Sustainably

At Shaw-Lundquist, we believe that sustainability is a key consideration in all aspects of design and construction. We strive to create sustainable buildings that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthier places to live, work or play. We support our design partners to help evaluate a wide range of sustainable enhancements, like water conservation, materials selection, indoor air quality, and daylighting.

Safety Is Always at the Top of Our Minds

Staying Safe

At Shaw-Lundquist we take job-site safety very seriously. Our project teams and trade partner are well trained to implement strict rules and protocols to ensure the desired objectives and outcomes.

Our Core Values


Do I do the right thing, even when no one is watching?


Do I work and represent myself and the company in a manner that I am proud of?


Do I respect others and have I earned their respect?


Do I proactively look ahead to improve the current situation and am I curious to ask questions, seek out new information, think creatively, and push boundaries?


Do I fully commit to our winning culture by working to ensure we win and execute successful projects?


Do I have completely satisfied clients and colleagues?

Upholding Diversity and Inclusion is at Our Core

Our Core Commitment To DEI

At Shaw-Lundquist, we are committed to working with partners that align with our core value of achieving DEI goals. This includes our own goals as well as having their own. Authentic capacity for the future is our objective. We are proud to be a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

diversity at Shaw Lundquist

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