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Ben Anderson

Director of Operations

Ben has worked with Shaw-Lundquist for the past 23 years as a field engineer, project manager, and now Director of Operations. His wealth of experience in these areas makes him a valuable addition to any team.

Equipped with LEED experience, Ben also uses sustainable construction methods that provide real cost savings to clients. Ben has worked on projects in a variety of industries over the years, but is particularly knowledgeable about multi-family, public, and education construction projects.

Ben takes pride in his effective communication with the architects, engineers, key subcontractors, and suppliers on each project. By translating and conveying the client’s objectives, while setting performance standards and proactively resolving issues, Ben effectively guides his team to complete projects both on time and on budget.

Fun Facts

What is one of your favorite pastimes or hobbies? Enjoy summer fishing, ice fishing, hunting, golf.
Do you have a favorite movie? Star Wars
What is the first concert you attended? Garth Brooks

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