3M Corporate Headquarters Lobby

Project Description

This renovation and addition to the iconic 1960’s 3M corporate lobby required the seamless blending of new materials to maintain the vintage look and feel. The lobby and first floor were given updated finishes, new furniture, glass partitions and a lounge space. Two new vestibules were added, along with four new elevator lobbies, including general electrical and mechanical work.

As this was the renovation of the main lobby for multinational visitors and business associates, we were responsible for managing safety, as well as safeguarding the 3M corporate brand and corporate environment during construction.


    • Maplewood, MN
    • 33,400 sf
    • Architect: Wold Architects and Engineers

Shaw-Lundquist definitely listened when we discussed quality. The team's attention to detail in driving the importance of safety from start to finish was impressive.

Roger Verduzco

Senior Project Engineer, 3M
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